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Are you looking for heavy duty alternatives to stairs? When individuals face situations where stairs can become slightly more challenging than usual, alternatives are widely available on Level Lifts to suit every need, from the heavy duty alternative's to a smaller helping hand moving up and down levels with ease. Our alternatives to stairs include StairTrac Seated Stair lifts, which are designed to fit a wide variety of environments with substantial safety features and functionality to suit many types of stairs, whether needing a lighter or more heavy duty function. Alternatives including our Stair lift range create easy access up down levels, from straight stairs to curved staircases. We specialise in tailoring our products to each environment to ensure it fits the home appropriately as well as entails the preferences important to you as a customer. Whether needing a lighter weight stair lift or heavy duty stair lifts, we can provide the solutions.

Safety within functionality is a core feature within our stair lifts designs when conjuring alternatives to traditional stair lift usage. The chairs involve arm and foot rests for comfort, with adjustable seat and quality padding to promise a relaxed and safe fit for the user. Not only this but retractable seat belts can create confidence within the user, so complete safety in this alternative to stairs is fully felt. We want not only the user to feel confident and safe when using our alternatives to stairs with stair trac and heavy duty stair lifts, but also the loved ons of the user, so they never have to worry about their friend or relative maneuvering between levels. At level Lifts, promising our customers peace of mind and a more flexible and easy life style is important and at the forefront of every installation completed. We don't feel we just provide alternatievs to stairs, but a safer and enhanced lifestyle.

We promise swift and reliable service, therefore after contacting us regarding alternatives to stairs you could be with your stair lifts within a matter of three days, tailored to your specification and suitable for your home. We aim for our clients to feel comfortable and pleased with lift requirements, therefore encourage you to call today to enquire fully and our highly skilled and trained team can provide you with every piece of information you require to make an informed decision about alternatives to stairs and stair lifts. Our team is available to speak on the phone 5 days a week regarding alternatives to stairs, or alternatively use our contact form to send us an email outlining any queries you may have and we can get back to you as soon as possible to discuss further suitability of heavy duty stair lifts and quotes towards various alernatives to stairs. Our range of testimonials outline our previous customer's experiences with our service here at Level Lifts, showing we provide a reliable and swift process. You will not be let down using Level Lifts as the installer of your stair lifts. Not only do we provide top quality service from the first initial point of contact, but we uphold the high level of service right through even after completion with advice on the maintenance of your lift and offerring services beyind the final installation of your option of alternatives to stairs. Contact a member of our helpful team today!

  • Arm-to-footrest link
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Safety edges
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Directional controls
  • Wall controls