Stair Climbers

Stair climbers are designed to be transportable, safe to use and comfortable. They provide a convenient and effective solution for people with a disability or mobility problems. Stair climbers have proven there worth in a wide range of circumstances, include rheumatism, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, stroke, spina bifida, parkinsons, MND, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, amputee and for senior citizens.

Stair climbers are held in balance, highly powered and can withstand a large amount of weight. They are ideal when fitted stair lifts or elevators cannot be used. Stair climbers are easy to operate, battery powered and attendant controlled making climbing and descending stairs efficient and dignified.

Transporting people in their own wheelchair can be a challenging experience, stair climbers make manoeuvring in many different settings accessible; with use in care homes, schools, colleges, office, commercial buildings and homes.

With an array of safety features stair climbers provide padded seating, arm rests and full harness support, compact and transportable. To be use on all level surfaces, stair climbers are not restrictive and provide a good alternative to a fixed stair lift.

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    C-Max Vario

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    S-Max Sella Vario

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    S-Max With Wheelchair

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