Our range of alternatives to lifts provide an extensive selection of varying designs of alternative seated stair lifts. We provide evacuation chairs which are compliant to health and safety standards, offering safe and effective modes of transport in times of emergency. In less urgent situations our alternative seated lifts include stair climbers which can manually transport individuals up and down stairs in a comfortable fashion with great ease. Furthermore our StairTrac seated stair lift provides comfort and smooth transport between levels within the home environment. Our StairTrac is developed to suit home environments with our customers feeling safe and secure with our reliable and certified designs.

  • Evacuation Chairs

    Evacuation Chairs

  • Stair Climbers

    Stair Climbers

  • StairTrac

    StairTrac (Seated Stairlifts)

  • RAIZER Patient Lifter

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Level Lifts can offer alternatives to transportation between levels where it would not be practical to install a lift. We offer a range of Evacuation chairs, stair climbers and stair lifts to transport persons between levels. As leading providers of lifts in the UK we offer a range of StairTrac seated stairlifts, which are suitable for installation within a business or home. Our reliable and certified designs ensure our customers feel safe and secure while moving between levels.

If you are interested in any of our lift alternatives, feel free to get in contact with a member of our highly skilled and trained team. Our team can advise you as to which alternative would suit you, as well as answering any other related queries you may have. Level lifts are popular suppliers of lifts and lift alternatives in the UK.