The Lymington

  • Kensington Cabin Lift
  • Kensington Cabin Lift - Horizontal
  • Kensington Cabin Lift - Structure Supported
  • Kensington Cabin Lift - Ceiling

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Making luxury affordable. Whether you are looking to future proof your home, create a stunning focal feature or provide universal access to your public building, The Lymington Lift really can do it all and all for a lot less than you might imagine. The Lymington has the same benefits as a traditional Platform Lift (minimal builders work, low pit low headroom etc.) but has all of the characteristics of a conventional Passenger Lift. The lift buttons are one touch, the landing doors are automatic and slide open to one side and the cabin is truly customisable due to the vast range of finishes available.

  • Passenger lift look & feel
  • Customisable to suit private dwellings or public buildings due to the exceptional choice of finishes available

  • Designed & built in the UK

  • One touch buttons throughout (no need to hold your finger on the button)

  • The landing doors are fully automatic, slide open to one side, are finished in stainless steel and come complete with 2 hour fire rating

  • Lifting Capacity: 5 Persons / 400 Kg

  • Choice of 3 cabin sizes

  • Hydraulic Drive: quiet, dependable & extremely low maintenance

  • Battery backed emergency lowering as standard – no need for third party assistance in the event of a mains power failure, just press the ‘Down’ button

  • Can be fixed to a masonry wall or supplied within a self-supporting (fx) structure

  • Headroom needed at the top floor: 2500mm

  • Pit depth needed: 150mm

  • Maximum lifting height (travel): 12 metres / 5 doors

  • Requires only a conventional 240v single phase (dedicated) power supply