Flexstep Compact Platform Lift and Staircase

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The Revolutionary Flexstep Platform Lift

The innovative Flexstep Compact is the perfect solution to conquer split level floors for all wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in areas with minimal space. The flex step compact platform Lift consists of a unique and aesthetically pleasing design with fits into environments to meet the specification of the surroundings. The flex step compact platform lift has been developed in light of the consumers' needs, applying the essential safety, functionality and spatial awareness in order to operate both effectively and smoothly. The movement of the flex step lift is carefully technologically developed to apply safety measures, with movement sensors and safety circuit, with an activated alarm and emergency stop if safety is compromised whilst using the Platform Lift. Not only is the functionality and safety of the platform lift sound, but the design is delivered to enhance the established surroundings, creating a subtle complement to enhance the mobility and quality of life of those with walking impairments. Aids to trasnfer between level doesn't have to compromise the look of the rooms environment, or create space intrusion. That is why the flexstep platform staircase lift is a pleasing and reliable option to provide easy and smooth transfer between levels.

At Level Lifts we understand the necessity and value of platform lifts, not only to those who physically impaired, but also loved ones, so they can have the peace of mind with knowing their relative or friend is in safe hands when manoeuvring between different levels. Not only this, but the compact flex step platform lift is the most space-saving lift on the market and at the same time it offers a design to satisfy even the most fastidious user. Each design in developed with safety in mind, ensuring the flexstep platform lift will make the suer feel confident when using. The handrail cosntruction alongside the steady speed and easy to use controls create a smooth and pleasent experience for each user. You don't have to compromise space in your home with installation, being both subtle and minimal is space consumption. Our highly skilled and trained team are available over the phone 5 days a week to answer any queries or questions you may have about our flex step stair platform lifts with a free quote. Alternatively, use our contact form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible answering any queries you may have. We believe the installation of a flexstep compact lift is an investment, providing a new and much easier change to someone's lifestyle and providing a much needed and important helping hand. We like to ensure you feel confident and completely happy with your purchase, therefore we attempt to tailor the installation to your preference as much as possible so the flexstep lift will compliment your environment. Get in touch today for a quote on the flexstep compact platform lift. Tak a look at our range of alternative platform lifts also to decide what would be best suited. Take a look at our testimonials also to read reviews from our other happy customers an their experience with our services at Level Lifts.

  • A platform lift and a staircase all in one product
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Many safety features to eradicate the risk of trapping
  • No structural alterations are necessary, just a level floor
  • Customisable to integrate with current building decor